About Farah

Farah’s life journey was unusual from the start: adopted at an unknown age, with no known place of birth, no reason for being given up – not even a known birthday.

Growing up with no sense of identity or place to belong meant she internalised a deep sense of abandonment and unworthiness.

By the time Farah reached her teens, she was living on the streets with nothing to her name and no prospects for a happy future.

So how did the unknown orphan go from the streets of Europe to a well-known face in the Middle East fashion industry?

The journey began in 2005, when Farah stood in front of her mirror and remembered the literal meaning of her name.

About Farah

Farah Kabir: Big Happiness.

Then and there she made the decision to live up to her name. She set off on a mission to unlock the secrets of identity, self empowerment and how to create a fulfilling, purposeful and happy life.

Travelling across the world – from Peru to Thailand – Farah studied countless modalities from ancestral methods to human behavior, mind power, philosophy to new age modalities as well as self development and succeed in completely shifting her life and sense of self. Throughout the journey it was always clear that one commun denominator was the human mind.

Her mission is to help you define your pathways and achieve your greatness and passion now is guide to as many others with the shortcuts to transforming their own lives by applying her methodology.

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