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Do you want to live a healthier, happier and wealthier life?
Farah Kabir | Dubai’s Premier Mindset Shift Expert, on your journey to self-transformation


“I am living my purpose.”

I came to see you about 3 years ago and I have to say you have changed my life!!! I feel so fantastic and I have been a changed person since then. My life has completely shifted, I have achieved my personal goals and have taken a brand new adventure in a new continent where I am living my purpose and delivering my message though my art! Thank you so much, you are quite amazing!

Rodrigue Hammal, Filmmaker
Mastering your Mind to Master your Life is a unique journey that I developed as a result of my own life experience and the many challenges I needed to overcome to become who I am today, fulfilled, self-confident and fearless.

I share my proven method with men and women of all walks of life, whether private of professional, which are often closely linked. I also have developed programs for entrepreneurs and corporate clients that need to master their mindset to reach the next level of their professional journey.

Farah Kabir

Why Shift your mindset?

Living passionately and with purpose, and succeeding financially  has nothing to do with hope or luck. It has everything to do with your mind. Your mindset and belief system affect everything in your life from what you think and feel to how you act and react to the world around you. Farah has dedicated over a decade to unlocking the secrets of the human mind, and has created a clear, fast and understandable method that produces life-transforming and long-lasting results.

Why work with Farah?

Farah has mastered the fast-track to complete well-being. She has made it her mission to share these extraordinary tools by bringing her one-on-one technique to the stage. Drawing upon her own life and professional  experiences, and surmounting the many obstacles to self-fulfillment and success, she now delivers keynotes and leads workshops that leave students and audiences inspired, as well as transformed. Farah is a recognized expert in human behavior, corporate wellness, business entrepreneurship and self-empowerment. A great believer in applying holistic solutions to self-transformation, Farah has the unique talent to infuse people with confidence and purpose, as well as help them with body image, fashion and image consultancy in order to help them on their way to becoming empowered beings.
Farah Kabir

Business mind mastery formula

Leverage the benefits of Farah’s unique mindset shifting training to empower your staff and improve the overall productivity of your organization.

Investing in the personal growth of your staff will not only improve engagement and retention rates, but will increase the profitability of your business by ensuring your teams are focused, stress-free, and motivated to succeed.

Farah’s unique approach to personal development can help you or your staff to:

Develop emotional intelligence:

improve in the areas of self-awareness, decision-making, interpersonal communication, self-expression, and stress management.

Strategic planning:

foster the mindset and insights to deploy rapid and thorough planning

Communicate effectively:

learn to instill trust, presentation skills, developing rapport/connecting with others, and conflict resolution.


prepare for new responsibility, or get ready for business strategy shifts with effective change management techniques.

“Awakened my sleeping wisdom.”

“Thank you for ever so much for giving me the tools to live a better easier and super happy life full of magical moment and fun. I did apply the skills we learned in the workshop and I can tell you it works and woooow life is one big fun party. All that doesn’t serve me has been miraculously removed from my life. Decisions that I knew I ought zillions years ago just became easy and I execute them sharply without hesitation. The course awakened my sleeping wisdom inside me. My eternal gratitude to your Farah, what a blessing you are to all human kind!”

Halima Abukar, CFO, United Nations Economic Commission

Live life on your terms

Solutions to fit your budget, your time and your lifestyle
If you would prefer a one-on-one approach, Farah’s personalized corporate mentoring solution can help you to identify opportunities for advancement, improve the quantity and quality of your daily output, and develop the mindset to select and achieve your goals.

“Truly amazing.”

“Farah is truly amazing. I was carrying so much pain and fear for so long, I never even believed that it could be sorted that easily. Also Farah is forever in our heart, we were truly honored to have bless our wedding! Such a wonderful experience. Love you forever my sister! ”

Stefania Arrighetti, Director of Marketing and Communications, Krima FZE
Farah Kabir

Inspirational speaker

When you are ready for your audience to be captivated, inspired and experience real, lasting change in their lives that translates into real impact for your organization or business, book Farah for your next event.

Farah has entertained and inspired her attendees using her expertise to produce transformative experiences. Her informative and engaging talks are paced with fun stories that enlighten and delight her audience.

“Farah is amazing, she is very professional to work with. I had never seen so many people run to the back of the room to engage with her after her talk . She adds tremendous value and I endorse her to anyone whose looking for a speaker to add exceptional value on their platform.”

Ala Labadibi, Founder,

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